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FreightServer is a web-based system that electronically schedules and tracks long-haul trucking loads. By entering all aspects of a load such as shipper information, billing information, mileage, dead-head mileage, mileage rates (both billed and independent contractor rates), a dispatch manager can accurately track their loads, trucks, and drivers. In fact, it is possible at a glance to see how much is made on each load and also get averages. And once a load is delivered, the accounting department can use FreightServer to assist in the billing process.

Electronically schedule and track all loads.
See at a glance the current status of all loads.
Web-based system allows off-site access by managers and drivers.
Calculates the customer billing, truck pay and also the profit per load.
Deals with company trucks vs. owner-operator trucks.
Can show truck and driver availability over a certain period of time.